Bermuda College Radio: A Voice for the Community!

Bermuda College Radio is a radio station in Bermuda, a British island. The station is run by the students of Bermuda College. It is an education institution that offers academic, technical and professional courses. Aiming to provide students with experience in radio broadcasting and showcase their talents in music, arts, culture, news, and entertainment.


Since its official launch in March 2014, Bermuda College Radio continues to be a strong-standing division of the SGC. Giving new innovations to current and prospective students. Since this is the only college radio on the island, it continues to set a new standard in the broadcasting sector.

It was introduced as a project of the Media and Communications Department of Bermuda College. The Bermuda Broadcasting Company supported the project, offering technical assistance and training to students. The station operates online through and FM Live Radio, broadcasting 24/7 with a mix of live and pre-recorded shows.

Bermuda’s Community College – we’re here to help you find your way into the life you want.

Programs and Mission:

BCR, a radio station at Bermuda College, aims to be the “voice of the Bermuda College community” by providing students with a platform to express themselves and connect with the community. The station promotes Bermudian culture and music, with presenters all students at Bermuda College who volunteer to host shows. BCR significantly impacts the Bermuda community by offering students a unique opportunity to gain experience in radio broadcasting and allowing them to share their ideas and creativity with the community.


Bermuda College Radio aims to become a top radio station in Bermuda by providing quality content reflecting the college community’s diversity and creativity. The station aims to educate, entertain, and empower its listeners, inspiring them to pursue their passions. The team, mostly students, faculty members, and alumni, includes dedicated presenters.

BCR is a valuable asset to the Bermuda community. The station provides students with a unique opportunity to gain experience in radio broadcasting, and it serves as a platform for students to share their ideas and creativity with the community. BCR is also a popular source of entertainment and information for Bermuda residents.


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Language: English

Contact Number: +1 441-236-9000

Bermuda College Radio