Vibe 103 FM: The Energy Station of Bermuda!

Vibe 103 FM, a commercial radio station in Bermuda, broadcasts on 103.1 MHz FM. The radio is owned by Collie Buddz Entertainment. It is very popular for its energetic programming and upbeat music.


The station was launched in 2008 by Zarabi Entertainment, a media company owned by Bermudian entrepreneur and DJ Collie Buddz. The station’s vision is to provide a fresh and innovative alternative to the traditional radio stations in Bermuda. The station’s mission is to entertain, inform, and inspire the listeners with quality programming and content.


Vibe 103 FM boasts a lineup of dynamic and charismatic presenters who are deeply passionate about the music they play. They connect with their audience through their genuine enthusiasm and ability to keep the vibe going. Their engaging banter and music expertise make every show an unforgettable experience.

It’s presenters are some of the most popular and experienced radio personalities in Bermuda. Some of its notable presenters include:

  • DJ Ace
  • DJ Breezy
  • DJ D-Nice
  • DJ Kris Lark
  • DJ Sticky
  • DJ Jahson


The station plays a variety of music genres, such as dance, trance, r’n’b, pop, and top40. It also features local and international news, sports, weather, and entertainment updates.


Vibe 103 FM is a prominent Bermudian radio station that supports good music, local artists, promotes social causes, and engages with the community. It has won awards at the Bermuda Music Awards, hosted the annual Vibe Fest concert series, partnered with the Bermuda Cancer Society, sponsored the Bermuda Football Association’s Premier Division league and cup competitions. And launched the Vibe Academy program for young DJs and presenters.

This is a popular radio station in Bermuda, has built a strong following among the youth and music enthusiasts through its social media presence, music giveaways, and contests, making it a lifestyle choice.

In conclusion, Vibe 103 FM is a vibrant and energetic radio station that has quickly become a favorite among Bermudians. With its mix of music, news, and talk shows, the station has something to offer everyone. Vibe 103 FM is also committed to supporting the local community and providing a platform for local artists.

It has brought a new dimension to Bermuda’s radio landscape with its modern approach to music, information and entertainment.



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Vibe 103 FM
Vibe 103 FM
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