Listen to VSB MIX 106 FM: Bermuda’s Vibrant Radio Station!

VSB MIX 106 FM, a popular radio station in Bermuda. It is popular among music enthusiasts and to those who appreciate engaging radio content. The radio is very popular for its wide variation of programs to attract listeners of all walks of life.

It aims to be the premier source of entertainment and information. Moreover, It offers a variety of programs, from news and interviews to music and culture. The radio has a team of passionate presenters who connect with the listeners and promote local talent. It has a large and loyal audience, both in Bermuda and abroad, and has a significant impact on Bermuda’s society and culture.


VSB MIX 106 FM was launched on February 14, 1982, under the name “VSB Light”. It was originally a music station. But in 1986 it began broadcasting as a news and sports radio station. In 1994, the station was rebranded as “VSB Mix 106” adapting a mix of radio programs on music, entertainment, information and more. It’s a part of the VSB Broadcasting Company, which has been a cornerstone of Bermudian media for decades. The station has the goal of delivering quality music and content to the people of Bermuda and beyond.


VSB MIX 106 FM boasts a diverse array of programs designed to cater to the tastes and interests of their listeners. From morning talk shows that discuss local news and events to the latest hits in music, the station has something for everyone. Some popular programs include:

  • Morning Mix: A lively start to the day with news, interviews, and music.
  • Bermuda’s Top 20: Counting down the week’s hottest songs.
  • Island Rhythms: Celebrating Bermuda’s rich musical heritage.
  • The Drive Home: Easing your commute with great music and updates.


The success of VSB MIX can be attributed in large part to its dedicated presenters. These individuals bring passion, energy, and charisma to the airwaves. They connect with listeners, providing not just music but also information and a sense of community.

VSB MIX 106 FM is a radio station hosted by a team of experienced and talented broadcasters. Mark Guishard hosts the Morning Show since 2002, Lisa Hollis hosts the Midday Show since 2005, Dave Bascome hosts the Afternoon Show since 2007, Kimberley Gibbons hosts the Drive Home Show since 2010, and Michael Weeks hosts the Evening Show since 2012.

Impact and Popularity:

VSB MIX 106 FM is a popular and influential radio station in Bermuda. It showcases local artists and connects the community with engaging content. Furthermore, It is a trusted source of local news and events. It has a large and loyal audience, both in Bermuda and abroad, thanks to its online streaming options.

Website: vsbbda.com

Email: info@vsbbda.com

Language: English

Contact Number: +(441) 292-0050

Address: Headquarters 94 Reid Street, Hamilton P. O. Box HM 1450 Hamilton HM FX, Bermuda.