Listen to Ocean 89: Belize’s Premier Radio Station!

If you’re tuned into the melodious world of Bermuda’s radio scene, chances are you’ve come across Ocean 89. A radio station that has been making waves for decades. It’s The Voice of Belize.


Ocean 89 was launched in 1997 as a successor to BBC Radio. Originally, the radio started as an alternative rock station. But it quickly changed its focus to mainstream Adult Contemporary music format. Quickly it became the most popular radio station in Bermuda. It has maintained its number one position in the radio landscape of Bermuda ever since.


Ocean 89’s vision is to connect Bermuda to the world through the power of music, news, and community engagement. Furthermore, Its mission is to provide a platform for local talent, share essential information, and entertain listeners with a diverse range of programs.


Ocean 89 offers a diverse range of programs. From energetic early morning shows to relaxing late-night playlists, catering to a diverse audience. The station offers a variety of music genres, such as dance, pop, news, and top 40, as well as local artists and personalities.

Ocean 89 hosts several popular programs. Including The Morning Show with Keevil “The Captain” Burgess and Felix Todd, featuring music, news, weather, traffic, sports, interviews, and contests. Felix Todd, a young and energetic co-host, is passionate about sports, politics, and social issues. DJ Chubb, a versatile DJ, plays the hottest hits from around the world and local and regional music. Besides, DJ Rusty G, a respected and sought-after DJ in Bermuda, keeps listeners company with music, news, traffic updates, and giveaways. DJ Smokey, a seasoned DJ, plays the best of R&B, hip hop, reggae, dancehall, soca, and afrobeat. He is a member of the Code Red Sound System, one of the leading sound systems in Bermuda.

Ocean 89 has a loyal and diverse audience that spans across different ages, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds. The station also engages with its listeners through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Ocean 89 also supports various community initiatives and causes, such as education, health, sports, arts, culture, and charity.


Ocean 89’s talented presenters, with their charismatic voices and engaging personalities, create a close-knit community atmosphere on their shows, showcasing their wealth of knowledge and passion for their craft.


Ocean 89 is a popular radio station in Bermuda, shaping the music landscape and providing a platform for Bermudians to discuss important issues. With a weekly audience of over 50,000 listeners, it offers a mix of music, talk, and news, with its talented presenters contributing to its success.

Ocean 89 is a vital part of Bermuda’s cultural identity, renowned for its diverse programs, dedicated presenters, and rich history, making it a beloved radio station for listeners.


FaceBook: bermudabroadcasting

Instagram: zbmnews9

Language: English

Contact Number: +1 441-295-2828

Address: 4 Fort Hill , Devonshire, Bermuda.

Ocean 89
Ocean 89
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