Beyond The Beat Generation

Beyond The Beat Generation

Beyond The Beat Generation is a Dutch-based online radio station. This radio station provides a compelling auditory voyage through the world of music from the rock, oldies, and 60s genres. Listeners may expect a wide and diverse selection of music spanning these genres, including iconic rock anthems, soulful oldies, and groundbreaking sounds from the 1960s. This radio station is a refuge for music fans who value timeless masterpieces and famous tunes from these eras.

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Beyond The Beat Generation Programs

This radio station takes pleasure in broadcasting timeless masterpieces that have left an unmistakable influence on the music business. Expect to hear songs from famous musicians and bands who continue to impact modern music. As a radio station situated in the Netherlands, it may also play Dutch rock and 60s music, giving its repertoire a distinct regional character.

This station provides a nostalgic experience that transports listeners back in time for individuals who grew up in the 1960s or have a genuine affinity for the music of that era. It allows its audience to interact with the broadcaster and other listeners, fostering a sense of community.

Beyond The Beat Generation Aim

The station’s goal is to transport its listeners back in time to a time when these musical genres were at their peak, providing a platform for fans to relive the beauty of the past. It is an online radio station dedicated to the timeless appeal of rock, oldies, and 60s music. Whether you want to relive the nostalgia of bygone times or find musical gems that still resonate with audiences today, this station from the Netherlands has a carefully crafted playlist to keep your ears entertained.


Country: Netherlands

Genre: rock, oldies, the 60s

Language: Dutch

Beyond The Beat Generation
Beyond The Beat Generation
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