IndieXL is a well-known Dutch radio station noted for its dedication to independent music and a broad array of indie programs. The station caters to music fans who enjoy non-mainstream and developing musicians from a variety of genres, making it a destination for indie music discovery. It’s a great resource for indie music fans in the Netherlands and abroad.

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One of this radio station’s distinguishing aspects is its dedication to exposing a diverse range of indie music genres, including indie rock, alternative, pop, folk, electronic, and others. This variety allows listeners to explore various aspects of the indie music scene and find fresh, distinct sounds.

This radio station is dedicated to highlighting the diversity of the independent music scene. Their playlists and performances incorporate both established indie performers and emerging musicians, exposing listeners to a diverse range of sounds. Throughout the week, the station hosts a variety of programming, each with a distinct purpose. Some focus on certain genres or themes, while others may feature independent musician interviews or reviews of current releases.

IndieXL Aim

This radio station keeps its listeners up to date on the newest indie music news. It is deeply committed to fostering new talent. They frequently include tunes from independent and lesser-known artists, providing these musicians with a platform to reach a larger audience. Its dedication to promoting independent artists and offering a varied spectrum of indie music programs makes it a must-visit site for individuals eager to discover new and intriguing sounds in the independent music scene.


Country: Netherlands

Genre: indie

Language: Dutch

Address: Postbus 90401; 1006 BK Amsterdam

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