Heuvellandexpress Radio

Heuvellandexpress Radio

Heuvellandexpress Radio is a lovely Dutch radio station that focuses on folk music programming. This radio station, located in the heart of the Netherlands, has carved out a space for itself by promoting the rich history of folk music that has been passed down through centuries. It is a prominent 24-hour radio station in the Netherlands. It broadcasts in Dutch and English languages.

Heuvellandexpress Radio official website – www.heuvellandexpress.nl/

Heuvellandexpress Radio Programs

This radio station takes pleasure in broadcasting a wide variety of folk music genres. Listeners may expect a fascinating blend of songs that show the cultural variety of folk music, whether it’s classic Dutch folk tunes, Celtic melodies, or music from other areas of the world.

This station broadcasts informative portions about the history and relevance of various folk music traditions in addition to music. This educational component assists listeners in developing a greater appreciation for the music they hear.

The station occasionally presents live performances or broadcasts live from folk music festivals and events. This lets listeners feel the intensity and excitement of folk music in real-time, even if they are unable to attend these performances in person. This station is noted for aggressively connecting with its listener base. It frequently hosts thematic presentations or special programs devoted to various subgenres or locations of folk music.

Heuvellandexpress Radio Aim

This station aggressively promotes local folk musicians and bands, giving young performers a forum to demonstrate their ability. It is a committed and enthusiastic platform for folk music fans. This dedication to the folk music community has helped this radio station become a meeting place for both established and emerging folk musicians. It not only maintains and celebrates folk music’s rich past, but it also develops a sense of community among listeners who share a passion for this ageless art.


Country: Netherlands

Genre: folk

Language: Dutch and English

Heuvellandexpress Radio

Contact Details

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heuvell/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/radiohvlexpress