NPO Radio 2

NPO Radio 2

NPO Radio 2, a renowned radio station in the Netherlands, is noted for its varied selection of music programs, including various programs dedicated to rock music. It keeps its audience up to date on the latest news and advancements in the world of rock music. This covers notifications about planned tours, record releases, and important events in the rock scene.

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NPO Radio 2 Programs

This radio station plays classic rock tunes by legendary bands and singers such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Queen, and The Beatles. These classic compositions are cherished by rock fans of all ages and give a nostalgic voyage through the history of rock music.

The station broadcasts rock anthems that have made an impact on the genre. Expect to hear powerful and explosive music that has become rock concert and festival staples. It broadcasts live performances and recordings of rock bands and musicians on occasion.  This site also delves into many subgenres of rock, such as alternative rock, indie rock, and progressive rock. This variety means that listeners can enjoy a broad range of rock music types.

Through social media and phone-ins, listeners can frequently enter contests, request music, and connect with radio DJs. This participatory aspect personalizes the programming, making it more appealing to rock music fans.

NPO Radio 2 Aim

NPO Radio 2’s rock music programming aims to cater to the tastes of rock music fans by providing a platform for both historic and contemporary rock music. It aims to encompass a wide range of rock subgenres, such as classic rock, alternative rock, indie rock, and others. It also promotes Dutch and local rock bands, allowing native talent to shine and contributing to the evolution of the Dutch rock music scene.


Country: Netherlands

Genre: Rock

Language: Dutch

NPO Radio 2

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