RADIONL is a popular radio station in the Netherlands that broadcasts a wide variety of programs, appealing to a diversified audience with a mix of folk, news, and pop music. It frequently covers local events, festivals, and community news, making it an effective tool for promoting area culture and activities. This level of interaction improves the overall listening experience and builds a relationship with the station.

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RADIONL Programs

This radio station is well-known for emphasizing folk music, a genre profoundly established in Dutch culture. The station broadcasts both classic Dutch folk tunes and contemporary folk music. Folk music frequently recounts stories about ordinary life, love, and nostalgia, and this station is a favorite among fans of the genre.

It includes a wide range of pop music in addition to folk music. Expect to hear both Dutch and foreign pop classics from different decades. The station’s pop music playlist is diverse, ranging from chart-topping musicians to developing artists.

This radio station also broadcasts news updates to keep listeners up to date on current happenings, both locally and globally. Politics, sports, entertainment, and other topics are frequently covered in these news segments. It provides a trustworthy source of information to its viewers.


This radio station combines folk music, pop tunes, news updates, and local flavor to provide its listeners with a well-rounded listening experience. It contributes significantly to the preservation of Dutch cultural heritage with its folk music programming, while simultaneously catering to contemporary pop music tastes and giving useful news updates.


Country: Netherlands

Genre: pop, news, folk

Language: Dutch

Owner: NDC Mediagroep

Studio address: Smidsstraat 5 8601 WB Sneek

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