Listen To Concierto 93.1 FM, Your Perfect Companion For Ballads And Boleros From Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Concierto 93.1 FM is the ultimate radio from Dominica Republic for the ultimate romantic music listening experience. Your companion for those romantic moments, to uplift your mood and to create an ambiance of loving melody. It has become synonymous with smooth sounds and heartfelt melodies.


Since its inception, the station has captivated listeners with its unique blend of Ballads, boleros, and other romantic Music genres. Earning its place as the leading radio station in its category. The radio is actively broadcasting the best music from these genres. It covers the ultimate and historic classics of Ballads And Boleros, as well as plays the best and the most trending contemporary hits too. IF you are in the mood to pass quality time, listening to some cool, melodic and soothing music then this is the perfect radio from the Dominican Republic.

Experience the showcase of the diversity and richness of Latin American music, such as salsa, merengue, bachata, or tropical too. It is a community of people who share a common passion for music and love. The songs it plays, are a source of joy and comfort for those who need it.

This is the radio that broadcasts ultimate mood lifting and tender Ballads And Boleros music along with other Latin American music around the clock.


The radio station was founded by a group of music lovers who wanted to create a space for the most beautiful songs on Ballads And Boleros. Today, it boasts a state-of-the-art broadcasting facility and a team of passionate professionals who continue to uphold its legacy.

Whether you’re seeking a soothing melody for a relaxing evening or a classic ballad to reminisce with, the station provides the perfect soundtrack.



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Twitter: @concierto931fm

Language: Spanish

Contact Number: 6128100547

WhatsApp: +18498588422

Concierto 93.1 FM