El Show Salsero

El Show Salsero
Dominican Republic

Listen to El Show Salsero Online, The Radio of Salsa Lovers!

If you are a fan of salsa music, you might have heard of El Show Salsero, a popular radio program that broadcasts from Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.


El Show Salsero is a digital platform that promotes and airs salsa music through its website and online radio. Created by Junior Rodríguez and Diego Marulanda, it features musical programming from all decades, occasional live transmissions, and excellent sound quality 24/7. El Show Salsero doesn’t just play the hits; it delves deep into the history of salsa, showcasing classics from all eras alongside the latest releases.

Talented Presenters with Infectious Passion:

The show is led by a team of dedicated and passionate presenters, including the charismatic Junior Rodriguez. Their knowledge of salsa music is unparalleled, and their enthusiasm is contagious, captivating listeners with every word and beat.


ElShow Salsero offers three main programs catering to salsa lovers’ tastes and preferences. It airs a live show that broadcasts every Saturday from 2:00 PM, hosted by Junior Rodríguez. Junior Rodríguez, presents a live major-league salsa show, “The Salsa Lawyer’s Salsa Audience,”. He presents his show with his unique style and charm. The radio plays the best salsa songs, from classics to new releases. The radio also airs Colombian music, with genres such as vallenato, cumbia, tropical, salsa, and more. Every Sunday at 3:00 PM, Junior Rodríguez presents, “Las Salsas de la Maleta”, the strong section of Rumba and classics, with their data, “taking it out and into the streets.”

It is a journey through the history and evolution of salsa, with anecdotes and curiosities about the artists and songs.


The vision of El Show Salsero is to be the leading digital platform of salsa music. It reaches a global audience and provides quality content and entertainment through online. The radio aims to preserve the cultural significance of salsa music.

El Show Salsero’s impact extends far beyond the Dominican Republic. Their online presence and international broadcasts have made them a global force, connecting with salsa lovers across continents and fostering a sense of community. Tune in and experience the passion, the history, and the sheer joy of salsa music.


El Show Salsero