Listen to Disco 106.1 FM: The Number One Station for Disco Lovers!

If you are a fan of disco music, and you are from the Dominican Republic, then you probably know about Disco 106.1 FM. This is the ultimate online radio from the Dominican Republic for disco music fans. This is a one-stop destination for Disco fans. Listeners can enjoy the classic and contemporary disco hits that will make them dance and enjoy.


Disco 106.1 FM was founded in 1985 by a group of entrepreneurs. They wanted to offer a different and innovative option for the radio listeners in the Dominican Republic. Disco 106.1 was born with the slogan “The Number One”.  Since then, it has maintained its leadership and prestige in the radio market.

The goal back then was to create a station that would focus on the disco genre, A very popular form of music in the 70s and 80s. It also included other musical styles that appealed to the young and adult audience.


Disco 106.1 FM offers a variety of programs to cater to listeners’ tastes and preferences. The most popular are Disco Morning, hosted by Miledys Pérez and Sophy Encarnación, which brings the latest news, entertainment, interviews, and music. The Disco Mix program mixes the best disco hits with listeners’ requests, hosted by DJ Tony.

In short, this is the perfect radio for disco music fans that plays all kinds of disco hits from classic era to contemporary moderns hits. It’s the home to all the great disco musicians of the Dominican Republic and from across the globe.

The Disco Love program features romantic songs and classics, with advice on love and relationships. The Disco Night program, hosted by Frank Ceara and Laura García, provides relaxing music and stories about the disco genre and its artists.


The radio is immensely popular as a radio station from the Dominican Republic, with hundreds of thousands of followers in various platforms. If your question is, which is the most popular in the Dominican Republic for disco music? The answer would be – Disco 106.1 FM is the most popular online radio from the Dominican Republic. Disco 106.1 FM has earned a loyal following that extends beyond the borders of the Dominican Republic.

Disco 106.1 FM is more than a radio station, it is a family that shares the love for disco music and the Dominican culture.



FaceBook: Disco106.1

Twitter: @disco106fm

Language: Spanish

Contact Number: +1 809-567-0521

Address: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Frequency: 106.1 FM

Disco 106.1 FM