Listen to Linea 106.7 FM Online, One of the most prominent radio from the Dominican Republic!

Linea 106.7 FM is a radio station that broadcasts from Mao, a city in the northwestern region of the Dominican Republic. It offers a diverse and dynamic programming that includes music, news, talk, and entertainment. Linea 106.7 aims to be the voice of the people. It’s a cultural phenomenon, a beating heart that pulsates with the rhythm of bachata, the country’s beloved musical genre.

Vision and Mission:

The vision of Linea 106.7 FM is to be the leading radio station in the northwestern region for local music, information and more. The radio broadcasts a plethora of musical, entertainment and informational programs.


Linea 106.7 FM’s programming focuses on the intoxicating melodies and captivating rhythms of bachata music. From classic hits to contemporary chart-toppers, the station’s diverse playlist is full of beautiful bachata music around the clock.

Beyond music, the radio is popular for broadcasting news, discussion, cultural programs and more. Listeners can enjoy insightful interviews and discussion on music and various topics. This kind of programming has made it go-to radio for bachata music and other popular music genres as well as for news, discussion and more.


The driving force behind Linea 106.7 FM’s success is its team of passionate presenters. Each personality brings their unique knowledge, and infectious enthusiasm to the airwaves. This creates an energetic and engaging listening experience.

Today, Linea 106.7 FM remains one of the Dominican Republic’s most popular radio stations. It is a radio station that informs, educates, entertains, and inspires its listeners.


Language: Spanish

Frequency: 106.7 FM

Linea 106.7 FM