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Cuba HE is a radio station that broadcasts from Havana, Cuba, to the world.

Today, CubaHE broadcasts in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Creole, Esperanto, and Arabic, and covers news, culture, sports, and music from Cuba and the world. It has transformed the radio landscape, becoming an indispensable part of the lives of young Cubans.

Programs of Cuba HE:

It’s programming is a reflection of the diverse interests and aspirations of Cuban youth. It airs pulsating reggaeton beats and chart-topping pop hits. Also, thought-provoking discussions on social issues and personal development. The radio airs a vibrant fusion of music, entertainment, and inspiration.


CubaHE’s mission is to provide a friendly voice around the world, and to promote solidarity and cooperation among the peoples of the world. The station’s vision is to be a reliable source of information and entertainment for its listeners, and to defend the principles of the Cuban Revolution and socialism.


CubaHE’s presenters are not just broadcasters. They embody the spirit of Cuban youth. Their energy, passion, and relatable perspectives resonate with young listeners, making them trusted guides through the complexities of growing up in modern Cuba.

The station has played a pivotal role in fostering civic engagement among Cuban youth. Encouraging them to participate in social and political discussions.

Cuba HE
Cuba HE
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