Radio Salsa

Radio Salsa

Listen to Radio Salsa, The Rhythm of Cuba!

Radio Salsa is the ultimate radio for the salsa music fans, broadcasting from Havana, Cuba. This is the perfect resource in the form of online radio for Cuban and international salsa music, the greatest national and world hits, and events related to the genre.

History of Radio Salsa:

Radio Salsa is part of the Grupo Columbia. It’s a media conglomerate that owns several radio and TV stations in Cuba. Since the beginning of its broadcasting, it has become one of the most popular and respected radio station in Cuba for salsa music. It has captivated audiences worldwide with its infectious beats and celebration of Afro-Caribbean culture.


It has become a beacon of salsa music in the radio landscape of Cuba. Not only to radio fans but the radio is loved by artists, musicians and singers of salsa music.  It’s broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to a global community of salsa enthusiasts. From classic salsa hits to the latest releases, the station curates playlists that showcase the evolution of salsa over the years.

The radio has a plethora of radio programs catering to different tastes and preferences of salsa lovers. It promotes diversity and richness of Latin salsa, with artists from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, and more. Also, it promotes fusion of salsa music with other genres, such as jazz, rock, funk, and world music. It also broadcasts live concerts and performances of local and international salsa artists.


It has a team of talented and passionate presenters who share their love and knowledge of salsa music with the listeners. The presenters at the radio ensure that each show is a unique and engaging experience.

Radio Salsa’s popularity has soared over the years, attracting listeners from all corners of the globe.


Language: Spanish

Radio Salsa
Radio Salsa
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