Radio Campesina Cubana

Radio Campesina Cubana

Listen to Radio Campesina Cubana, A Voice for the Cuban Countryside!

Radio Campesina Cubana broadcasts entertainment programs, music and native compositions from the Cuban countryside. Featuring folklore, history and talent of Cubans, 24 hours a day.

The radio has been a fan favorite among listeners of all age groups in Cuba. In addition, if you are searching for the best Cuban online radio station, then, this is the perfect radio that will connect you with Cuban roots and culture.


Radio Campesina Cubana’s origin can be traced back to the early days of the Cuban Revolution. Core mission was to connect and empower the country’s farmers and general people. Over the years, even after many happening events in the country the radio is steadfast in its commitment to serving its rural listeners.


The radio was the dream of a group of Cuban musicians and cultural promoters. They wanted to preserve and promote the traditional music of the Cuban farmers and rural people. Likewise, the radio features traditional genres like son, guaracha, guajira, punto, changüí, nengón and sucu-sucu etc.  All these genres are part of the rich and diverse musical heritage of Cuba. Also, the radio promotes and features some of the best folk music rooted with Cuban music culture. Listeners can enjoy popular and classic salsa songs from Cuba and other Latin American countries. This is the radio that plays the most authentic folk songs from Cuba’s deep and vibrant music culture.

It also features interviews, news, history, culture, humor and other segments that inform and entertain the listeners.

Furthermore, to compliment its diverse and quality packed radio contents the radio is home to some of the most renowned presenters. All of its presenters are very friendly and cheerful. They connect with listeners with charisma and enthusiasm. Making them hooked with the radio for hours.

Radio Campesina Cubana is a radio station that invites you to listen and discover the folkloric music and culture of the Cuban countryside. A music and culture that is alive, vibrant and diverse.

Radio Campesina Cubana