Radio Cuba Libre Internacional

Radio Cuba Libre Internacional

Listen to Radio Cuba Libre Internacional, A Voice for Freedom and Democracy!

Radio Cuba Libre Internacional, or RCLI, is a radio station that aims to be “the irreducible”. It is the voice of the Cubans who do not give up or get tired. It is the voice of the unyielding to discouragement.


Established in 1960, this station has emerged as a beacon of truth and a powerful platform for those yearning for freedom and democracy in Cuba. It aimed to provide an alternative to the communist-controlled media. Expose Cuba’s situation to the international community, and support democratic opposition and civil society movements for peaceful change.


The programming of Radio Cuba Libre Internacional demonstrates its steadfast dedication to uplifting and strengthening the Cuban people. News broadcasts, political commentary, educational initiatives, and cultural performances are among its varied array of programming offerings. Every show is thoughtfully designed to enlighten, involve, and motivate viewers—giving them a voice and a forum to share their hopes and dreams for a better Cuba.

RCLI broadcasts online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It offers a variety of programs that cover topics such as politics, history, culture, human rights, religion, sports, music and entertainment.


The origins of Radio Cuba Libre Internacional lies in the early stages of the Cuban Revolution. A group of exiled Cubans founded the station with the goal of disseminating anti-communist ideas. The station has had several difficulties throughout the years.  Such as threats of violence, jamming, and censorship. Nevertheless, it has endured. It continues to be a strong voice for democracy and freedom in Cuba.

Cuba Libre Internacional stands as a symbol of resilience and hope for the Cuban people. Its unwavering commitment to freedom and democracy has made it an indispensable source of information and inspiration.


Radio Cuba Libre Internacional
Radio Cuba Libre Internacional
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