Radio Progreso

Radio Progreso

Listen to Radio Progreso, The Wave of Joy!

If you are looking for a radio station that offers entertainment, information, and culture for the Cuban family, you might want to listen to Radio Progreso, the wave of joy. Radio Progreso is part of the Grupo Columbia, a media conglomerate that owns several radio and TV stations in the country.


On the night of December 15, 1929, the CM-ZAF station was inaugurated, with a power of 100 watts. The radio fever in Cuba had taken its toll on citizen Domingo Fernández. It was a new radio by The Fernández Balmaseda family. First it was called “El Progreso Cubano”. Later on, The Fernández family renamed the radio as RADIO PROGRESO.

For 90 years, Radio Progreso has entered every Cuban home and has the goal of continuing to do so in the future. With the commitment to offer better programming every day.

Currently, the station’s programming has 92 programs divided into news, various musicals, dramatized and propaganda programs.


It is the oldest private radio station in Cuba and is known for its musical, news and cultural programming.

The first broadcasts of the radio station were dedicated to musical spaces, through recordings of 4 albums. Well-known orchestras performed live. Also, its broadcasts Spanish, Mexican and Argentine music.

Then, gradually it started to broadcast Dramatic programs, comedies and serials, as well as a short newsreel.

Today it can be said that its information programming has been strengthened, and its usual programming includes a significant number of bulletins, newscasts, journalistic comments on current affairs and informative magazines.


The mission of Radio Progreso is to provide music, entertainment, information, and education to its listeners. While also promoting and preserving the Cuban culture and identity. It wants to be a world-class radio station that provides quality programming for the Cuban people.

Radio Progreso has had a significant impact on Cuban culture. Also, the station has been instrumental in promoting Cuban music and artists.

This is one of the most popular radio stations in Cuba. The station has a large audience of listeners of all ages.



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Language: Spanish, English

Contact Number: +53 7 8702989

Address: Calle Infanta y 25 #105, Havana, Cuba

Radio Progreso