Era FM Sarawak is a regional radio that broadcasts in Malay. Listen Era FM Sarawak Online all day long at FM Live Radio. This is a sister station to Malaysian best online radio Era FM. Like ERA, this radio also airs programs that are loved by its listeners.  It has large listeners following in Sarawak, and a popular source of entertainment and information for the people of the region.


Era FM started broadcasting its regional radio operations in Sabah and Sarawak in Malay from 2010. With their own office and broadcasting and presentation team. Soon Era FM Sarawak become one of the most prominent radio station in the region with its programs focused on good music and up-to-date information.


Like ERA, Era FM Sarawak’s programming is focused on music and entertainment, with a mix of local and worldwide songs. This is Sarawak’s most popular radio station because it offers everything for everyone. It broadcasts the freshest and best music from Malaysia and across the world. Broadcasting team and presenters responsible for its programs are joyful and friendly. They understand the music preference of Sarawak’s radio listeners. It plays a variety of contemporary music, including Malay hits, international hits, and K-pop too.

Some of the most popular programs by ERA Sarawak are:

  • Pagi Era Sarawak
  • Seranto ERA
  • Petang ERA
  • Malam Hit ERA

Two of its most distinct and popular special programs are:

  • Pertandingan Karaoke ERA Sarawak (ERA Sarawak Karaoke Competition)
  • Konsert ERA Sarawak (ERA Sarawak Concert)

Era FM Sarawak is a popular radio station in Sarawak which is famous for its entertaining musical programs throughout the day. The radio is perfect for keeping up with the latest music trends. Era Sarawak is a fun and interactive way to connect with the best radio programs in Sarawak.

More Info:


FaceBook: era

Twitter: @eradotje

Instagram: era

YouTube: eradotje

Language: Malay

Contact Number: +60 16-512 7777

WhatsApp: 016-512 7777

Address: 85300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Era FM Sarawak
Era FM Sarawak
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