Mutiara FM is a popular mainstream online radio from Malaysia. It’s very popular among listeners for its programs on Music, entertainment, community, news and talk shows. Entertaining and engaging listeners with its diverse range of programs for several years.  Aware of Malaysia’s multiracial and ethnic society, it crafts programs in such a way so that all kinds of radio listeners loves their programs.


Broadcasting of the radio dates back to August 24, 1934, making it one of the oldest online radio from Malaysia. Back then, Radio Malaysia Pulau Pinang and Radio 3 Pulau Pinang were the former names of the station. After rebranding the current name, Mutiara FM is in use since April 1, 2005. This naming has been given after the state’s nickname in Malay language – Pulau Mutiara (The Island of Pearls). Penang radio transmission began in 1925 with the formation of the Penang Wireless Association. It is owned and managed by Radio Televisyen Malaysia.  It has effectively adapted to the changing media landscape in Malaysia, as well as keeping up with the technology advancements and changing audience tastes.

Vision & Mision

The core vision of its broadcasting is to air authentic, accurate and up-to-date information. Listeners can enjoy the absolute best radio programs whether they are listening to its musical, news or talk shows. Its mission is to become one of the most premium and world-class online radio station in Malaysia for authentic contents while maintaining the quality of its programs intact.


Mutiara FM is a fantastic radio station that provides the perfect platform for tuning into local news and information in Penang. The radio covers politics, business, sports, culture and many other topics a leading news broadcaster should cover.  Additionally, the station presents captivating talk shows that delve into current affairs, health, lifestyle, and more, ensuring a diverse listening experience for its audience. Moreover, the station is known for presenting musical shows that keep listeners tuned with the radio, while also been applauded for its news and talk shows. It covers a wide range of music genres including pop, rock, folk, classic, and traditional Malay music. The radio also focuses on Religious programs for the majority of its Muslim listeners.

Some of its core programs includes:

  • Info Cuaca
  • Menarik Nntuk dikongsi
  • Gebang Motivasi Pagi (GMP)
  • Ekspres Ooo
  • Bicara Prisma
  •  Syoknya Hindi (Isnin & Rabu)
  • My Memory (Selasa)
  • Kalam Ustaz (Jumaat)
  • Warta Mutiara
  • Topik Petang

Its energetic and friendly presenters makes the radio more entertaining and engaging. Their touch of excitement and joy keeps listeners engaged with the radio, while also building a connection between the radio and its listeners. Sanjay, Abi, Laily, Lin, Mimie, Azie, Elly, Amin, Izham, Que, Fiza, Faruk, Ika are among its presenters.



Facebook: mutiarafm.rtm

Twitter:  @mutiarafm

Instagram: mutiarafm_rtm


Wikipedia: Mutiara_FM

Language: Malay


Cell: +60 4-210 7335

Address: Jalan Burma, George Town, Malaysia

Mutiara FM