“Just For You”

Listen Cats FM Online. It is broadcasting for the people and listeners of Malaysia. Listeners from around the world can tune into this station, which is broadcasting in Malay language. Listeners can listen to its class leading radio programs whenever they want.


CATS Radio, East Malaysia’s first and only private radio station, debuted on August 8, 1996. CATS Radio is wholly owned by Kristal Harta Sdn. Bhd. And runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week from its permanent headquarters on Jalan Bako in Kuching.  The radio covers Sarawak and Brunei as its broadcasting area, and online listeners can easily enjoy the radio from literally anywhere. It presents its programs in Malay and Iban.

Keeping pace with modernity, CATS Radio changed its name to ‘CATS FM’ while preserving its iconic motto ‘Just For You’. This shows the breadth of its offerings, each of which caters to the Sarawak society in its own unique way.
CATS FM’s debut day began with a bang, thanks to the presence of our Prime Minister, Dato Sri Dr Mahathir Mohammad, who stayed over 2 hours at the station and interviewed ‘live’ on air.


Cats FM Malaysia, the renowned radio station captivating the hearts of countless Malaysians, emerges as an epitome of auditory brilliance. This station has effortlessly ingrained itself into the tapestry of Malaysian radio culture, which is resonated by its diverse music genres and engaging programs. It captivates many Malaysians with its vibrant broadcasts.

Listeners can enjoy their favorite shows and music anywhere, as Cats FM reaches different cities across the country. The station’s lively hosts create an interactive atmosphere, forging a strong connection with the audience and ensuring entertainment. It keeps listeners informed with the latest news updates and weather reports, helping them plan their day.

A standout feature of Cats FM Malaysia is its diverse music selection, encompassing local and international hits for all preferences. Excitement abounds as the station organizes contests and giveaways, offering the chance to win thrilling prizes. Cats FM Malaysia has become an integral part of Malaysians’ lives, delivering joy and entertainment with its music, programs, and engaging hosts.


CATS FM’s programming philosophy is simply “MORE MUSIC, LESS TALK.” They present listeners with the most popular music available, as well as current news and intriguing information. The substance of the programming is 70{60297c3c1f31c932e6d9e222881b19d68abc8a6c613ff5fa51397582320704f4} music and 30{60297c3c1f31c932e6d9e222881b19d68abc8a6c613ff5fa51397582320704f4} discussion. It’s recognized for its laid-back presenting style, thus making it popular among listeners. It constantly airs chart-topping singles from many genres. CATS FM broadcasts represent a dynamic station for vibrant Sarawakians of all ages and walks of life, with the best blend of music and information, professional presentation, and genuine news. Pantun Sarawak (Bermukun), CATS Exposed are among its popular programs.

Apart from its role as a broadcasting station, CATS FM also embarked on promotional drives and awareness programs, to strengthen its position. CATS FM is ready to face the challenges to come, bracing bravely the expectations of its listeners and the people of Sarawak.

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Language: Malay, Iban

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