Ai FM: A Malaysian Mandarin-Language Radio Station

Ai FM is a Malaysian radio station in Mandarin-language. Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) owns and operates the radio. If you’re looking for a radio station that airs diverse range of programming, then look no further than Ai FM. It has been entertaining listeners for years with its unique blend of music, news, and talk shows.

Chinese name of the radio is ”爱 FM” which means “Love FM”.

History of AI FM

It was first established on April 1, 2005, and aimed at the Malaysian Chinese community. Ai FM is one of the most popular Chinese community based radio stations in Malaysia. With a listenership of over 2 million, it’s a clear leader in the Chinese radio landscape of Malaysia. The station has won numerous awards for its engaging and outstanding radio service. Including the RTM Gold Award for Best Radio Station in 2016. It was previously called the Chinese Language Service in 1946, the Green Network in 1959 and Radio 5 in 19931. What’s more, the radio is always committed to the quality of its programs. Thus, it has won the hearts of millions of listeners across Malaysia.

AI FM’s Programs

AI FM offers a variety of programs catering to the diverse interests and needs of the Chinese community in Malaysia. It covers topics such as current affairs, culture, education, entertainment, health, lifestyle, music, sports and more.  Its vision is to be the prime radio for information and news to the Chinese community of Malaysia. Its mission is to create a harmonious society.  This is more than just a radio station. It is a platform that connects, informs and entertains the Chinese community in Malaysia. Hence, it is a voice that reflects their culture, values and aspirations.

Some of its popular programs are:


AI FM also has a team of talented and charismatic presenters, besides they make all the programs engaging. Some of them are:

  • Jingcheng
  • Shulin
  • Minming
  • Peiyin
  • Jinlong

For the Malaysian Chinese community, this is an excellent source of information and entertainment. The station broadcasts a wide range of programming that cater to a wide range of interests. Anyone who wants to remain up to speed on the newest news, trends, and entertainment should tune in to Ai FM. Furthermore, it’s a voice that reflects their culture, values and aspirations. Hence, it’s a friend that cares about listeners feedback and suggestions. It is AI FM: The more you listen, the more you love.



Twitter: @aifm6

Instagram: aifm.malaysia

YouTube: aifm6

Wikipedia: Ai_FM

Language:  Mandarin, Cantonese


Cell: +603-2288 7822

Address: AiFM RTM, Tingkat 4 Selatan, Wisma Radio, Angkasapuri Kota Media, 50614 Kuala Lumpur.