Eslah Radio: A Voice for Change

Eslah Radio is an internet radio station that captivates listeners with its diversified programming and dedication to promote good change. With its intriguing material, great speakers, and emphasis on personal growth. Eslah Radio has established itself as a reliable source of inspiration and encouragement for its listeners. It is an Afghan radio station that transmits social, religious, educational, and non-profit programming. Eslah Radio is an initiative of EslahOnline, an Afghan website that combines Islamic and scientific information. It seeks to give listeners with factual and truthful information while also promoting a culture of change, progress, and peace.

Eslah Radio’s History

Eslah Radio was founded in 2010 by EslahOnline, a website founded in 2007 by a group of Afghan academics, educators and experts. EslahOnline aims to create a media company that reflects the true teachings of Islam as well as the latest scientific and academic achievements. EslahOnline also aims to contribute to the reform and development of Afghanistan by providing the Afghan public with useful and relevant resources.

Eslah Radio started broadcasting on 21 March 2010 from a studio in Jalalabad. The name Eslah means “renewal” or “improvement” in Persian and Pashto, the two main languages spoken in Afghanistan. The motto of the station is “The road to success”. This is the first radio station with a social, religious, educational and non-profit approach focusing on Islamic science, history, culture, health, education, security and administration. Furthermore, it also employs local presenters who speak clear and simple language that respects the culture and values of their listeners.

It quickly became a popular source of information and education for millions of Afghans living in eastern Afghanistan, especially in Nangarhar, Kunar, Laghman and Nuristan provinces. The station receives positive feedback and support from its listeners, who appreciate relevant and balanced content. It also faces several challenges and threats from rebel groups that oppose its progressive and moderate message. However, Eslah Radio has managed to maintain its independence and integrity while expanding its reach and influence.

Programs of Eslah Radio:

Eslah Radio broadcasts 24/7 on FM 104.3 MHz in Jalalabad and other frequencies in other provinces. The channel is also very popular among online listeners. Moreover, it offers a variety of programs to suit the diverse interests and needs of its listeners. It has local stations in 10 major cities in Afghanistan.

Some of the most popular programs include:

  • Da Khyber Makham: Daily morning show with news, weather, traffic, sports, interviews and entertainment segments. The show will be hosted by Najibullah Quraishi and Zargon Valizada.
  • Da Zamong Zhwandun: Daily daily program with news, analysis, debate, and audience interaction on current affairs, politics, security, and governance. The show will be hosted by Ehsanullah Ehsan and Shafika Habibi.
  • Da Pukhtano Kalam: A weekly literature program with poems, stories, books and culture from Pashtun literature. The show is hosted by Abdul Hai Mutman.
  • Da Kisan Helmand: A weekly agricultural program with tips, advice and best practices in farming, irrigation, livestock and horticulture. The show is hosted by Mohammad Naeem Rahimi.
  • Da Khanda Zar: A weekly comedy with jokes, parodies and social satire. The show will be hosted by Asadullah Kakar and Shabana Azizi.
  • Da Spogmai Paigham: A weekly women’s program on topics such as health, education, women’s rights and empowerment. The show is hosted by Spogmai Stanikzai.


Its General goal is to present accurate, uninterested and right information to the society under the light of Sharia and the wishes of the people. Specified goals can be listed as below:

1- To bring up Islamic values, national unity, peace and stability in the country.
2- To educate people with our educational radio programs.
3- To develop the rule of law, freedom of the speech and social justice system.
4- To present public awareness about the harm of drugs.
5- To bring public awareness about the results of wars and social discriminations.
6- To develop the civil society.
7- To advocate development of private sector and private investment.
8- To present public awareness about new technologies.
9- To present public awareness about illnesses and health.
10- To deliver the problems of the people to responsible authorizations.

Why Eslah Radio is liked by Many Afghans

Eslah Radio is much more than a radio station. It is a media platform that has represented both the authentic teachings of Islam and the most recent scientific and scholarly advances. Millions of Afghans in Eastern Afghanistan, particularly in the provinces of Nangarhar, Kunar, Laghman, and Nuristan, rely on Eslah Radio for information and education. Eslah Radio has also helped to Afghanistan’s reform and development by giving essential and relevant materials to its Afghan audience.

Eslah Radio is a radio station that reflects the reformist voice. It is a radio station that informs, educates, and empowers its listeners. Many Afghans see it as a respectable radio station.


Facebook: radio.eslah

Twitter: @RadioEslah

Language: Persian


Cell: +93788597939

WhatsApp: 0093780177138

Address: street 4, Taimany Watt, Kabul

Frequency: 104.3 FM


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