Radio Kilid is a radio station that broadcasts information, discussion and entertainment programs to the people of Afghanistan. Which is part of The Killid Group (TKG), the country’s leading media company. It is committed to providing its listeners with accurate and reliable information and fostering a culture of dialogue, participation and democracy.

The history of Radio Killid:

Radio Killid was founded in 2002 by TKG, a media company founded in 2000 by a group of Afghan journalists and civil society activists. TKG hopes to create an environment that reflects the voice of the people, especially the marginalized and vulnerable, and thereby help Afghanistan’s recovery and development. Besides, TKG contributes to the reform and capacity building of the country’s media sector.

Radio Killid began broadcasting on June 15, 2002 from its studio in Kabul. The name Killid means “key” in Persian and Pashto, which is the main language in Afghanistan. In addition, The station’s slogan is “The key to your voice”. Radio Kilid is the first public radio station to focus on culture, politics, development and educational programs as well as news, entertainment and music. Radio Killid also employs local presenters who speak in simple and understandable language while respecting the culture and values of their listeners.

Killid soon became a popular source of information and education for millions of Afghans living in urban and rural areas of Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif, Kandahar, Jalalabad, Ghazni, Khost and Herat provinces. The radio received a positive response and support from listeners who appreciated the appropriate and balanced content. Radio Killid faces many challenges and threats from rebels who oppose its progressive and moderate message. Despite this, Radio Killid has maintained its independence and integrity and managed to expand its reach and influence.

Killid’s Programs:

Radio Killid broadcasts 24 hours a day on 88MHz FM in Kabul and other frequencies in other states. Besides, it broadcasts online through its website and various mobile apps. Radio Killid offers a variety of programming to suit the varied interests and needs of our listeners. Popular programs include:

  • Da Khyber Makham – Daily morning show featuring News, Weather, Traffic, Sports, Talk and Entertainment. The program will be moderated by Najibullah Kreisi and Zargona Valizada.
  • Da Zamong Zhwandun – A daily evening program of news, analysis, discussion and student interaction on current affairs, politics, security and government. The program will be moderated by Isanullah Ethan and Shafiqa Habibi.
  • Da Pukhtano Kalam – A weekly literary show featuring Pashtoon poetry, stories, books and culture. This program is directed by Abdul Hai Mutmain.
  • Da Kisan Helmand: A weekly agricultural program with tips, advice and best practices on farming, irrigation, ranching and crops. The program will be moderated by Mohammad Naeem Rahimi.
  • Da Khanda Zaar – A weekly comedy showcasing jokes, skits and satire on social issues. The program will be moderated by Asadullah Kakar and Shabana Azizi.DR. Spogmai Paygam – A weekly program for women on topics such as health, education, women’s rights and empowerment. The event will be hosted by Spogmai Stanikzai.

Presenters Of the Radio

Killid Radio has a team of professional and passionate presenters who bring their knowledge, experience and personality to inform and enlighten listeners. Some of the speakers:

  • Najibullah Chrisi: Moderator of Dr. Khyber Makham and one of Radio Killid’s most experienced presenters. He is known for his voice, integrity and charisma. He has worked for Radio Killid since 2002.
  • Zarghona Walizada: Co-host of Da Khyber Makham and one of the most influential presenters on Killid. He is considered intelligent, confident and a social activist. He has worked for Radio Killid since 2003.
  • Ehsanullah Ehsan: Moderator Dr. Jamong Zwandun and one of the most famous presenters. He is known for his analytical skills, professionalism and sense of humor. He has worked for Radio Killid since 2004.
  • Shafiqa Habibi – together with Dr. Jamong Zwandun and one of Radio Killid’s most respected presenters. He is known for his wisdom, courage and simplicity. He has been with Radio Killid since 2005.
  • Abdul Hai Mutmain: Moderator Dr. Pukhtano Kalam and one of the most talented presenters at the radio. It is famous for its poetry, culture and charisma. He has been with Radio Killid since 2006.
  • Mohammad Naeem Rahimi: Moderator of Dr. Kisan Helmand and one of the nicest hosts on Killid. He is known for his tips, advice and best farming practices. He has been with Radio Killid since 2007.
  • Asadullah Kakar: Host of Da Khanda Zaar and one of the funniest hosts on the radio. He is known for his comedies, skits and satires on social issues.

Radio Killid is more than a radio station. It is a media platform that gives Afghans, especially marginalized and vulnerable groups, a voice and freedom of choice. Radio Killid provided accurate and reliable information to listeners and promoted a culture of dialogue, sharing and democracy. It has also contributed to peace and development in Afghanistan by supporting civil society, human rights and good governance. Radio Killid has inspired many other broadcast houses to follow suit and improve the quality and reach of their programming.

Radio Killid is a radio station that represents the voice of the people. It is a radio station that informs, educates and empowers listeners. Furthermore, It is a radio station trusted by many Afghans.



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Language: English, Pasto


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