Taleemul Quran Radio

Taleemul Quran Radio

Taleemul Quran Radio is an independent, private, impartial Islamic radio that broadcasts from Kandahar, Afghanistan at 92.9 FM. It is a popular Islamic organization and media in the region. Afghans living around the world can quench their religious and educational thirst through the live broadcasts of the radio. Hundreds of influential and public scholars works with Taleemul Quran. It receives financial support from public donations and legitimate commercial advertisements.


Taleemul Quran Radio is an educational FM radio station in Kandahar, Afghanistan. It was established in 2002 to spread Islamic knowledge and promote religious tolerance. The TV and radio broadcasts various programs including lectures on Islamic law, Quran and Hadith teachings. Furthermore, it also broadcasts news, current affairs and children’s programs.

Taleemul Quran is a very popular radio station in Afghanistan, reaching more than a million listeners every week. A team of presenters and producers, experienced in radio works to produce quality, informative and entertaining programs.

Programs of Taleemul Quran Radio

Taleemul Quran Radio has dozens of radio programs every day and week, some of which are mentioned below –

  • Interpretation and translation – Interpretation and translation of the Holy Qur’an. You can hear, watch and receive one lesson every day on the website by Mufti Abdul Hadi Hamad Sahib. He is the head of the Hamadit Madrasah.
  • The way to salvation – In this show, listeners asks questions through various medium and gets answers from qualifies scholars.
  • Amr al-Moruf and Nahi an al-Munkar – Corrective statements of scholars on various topics.
  • prophetic biography – The audio and continuous lessons which have been recorded by Jaid Alam Maulawi Inayatullah Al-Alami Sahib.
  • Dar al-Ifta – Questions about religious issues and their Shariah answers (according to Hanafi jurisprudence).
  • Library – Interesting scientific and informative books in five languages: Pashto, Dari, Arabic, Urdu, English.
  • Different bill – Various information, including articles, health, social, and social writings.
  • Daily Hadith – The blessed hadiths of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Presented on the website with text, translation.

In addition to its radio broadcasts, Taleemul Quran Radio also has a website and social media presence. The website provides access to archived programs. And the social media pages allow listeners to interact with the station and its presenters.

Taleemul Quran Radio is an important Islamic education resource in Afghanistan. It’s a forum for Islamic scholars to educate and communicate with the public. And it also promotes understanding and tolerance among different religious groups. This is a significant Islamic medium for the Afghanis. It plays a vital role in the development of the Muslims in the country.

Website: www.t-quran.com

Facebook: Taleemulquran.Radio

Twitter: @TaleemQuran

YouTube: TaleemQuran

Language: Pashto

Email: Aef.kdr@gmail.com

Cell: +93 70 030 8929

Taleemul Quran Radio