Spogmai Radio is a Dari and Pashto radio station in Afghanistan. One of the most popular radio stations in the country, offering a wide range of programming and music genres. Spugmai Radio is a partner of China Radio International (CRI), the international public radio station of the People’s Republic of China.

History of Spogmai Radio

Spogmai Radio was founded in 2009 by former journalist and media manager Mohamed Naeem Zalmay. He wanted to create a radio station that would provide news, entertainment and educational content to the people of Afghanistan. He also wanted to promote peace, tolerance and cultural diversity in the country.

It started as a small station in Kabul, Afghanistan. It soon expanded its presence to other provinces such as Kandahar, Nangarhar, Herat and Balkh. In addition, staff and equipment have increased, improving quality and professionalism.

In 2012, Spogmai Rádió worked with CRI and provided financial and technical support. It started broadcasting CRI’s Pashtun programming in Kabul and Kandahar, reaching millions of listeners. This partnership allows the radio to share programs and experiences with other of his CRI partners around the world.

Programs of Spogmai Radio

Spogmai Radio offers a variety of programs for different audiences and interests. Part of the program looks like this.

  • News: Radio Spogmi is updated every hour with local, national and international news. It also publishes analysis, interviews and reports on various topics such as politics, security, economy, culture and sports.
  • Talk Shows: Radio Spugmi hosts various talk shows on current affairs, social issues, health, education and other topics.
  • Music: Radio Spugmi plays a wide variety of music genres including rock, pop, folk, classical and traditional Afghan music.
  • Entertainment: Radio Spugmi entertains listeners with comedy, drama, poetry and stories. We also post quizzes, games and competitions for our listeners.
  • Education: Radio Spogmi educates listeners with programs that teach language, skills, knowledge and values. It also provides information and advice on various topics such as health, agriculture, environment, women’s rights, etc.


Spogmai Radio has a talented and experienced team of presenters presenting the show. they are:

  • Mohammad Naeem Zalmai: He is the founder and director of Radio Spogmai. He also produces news and talk shows.
  • Syed Ahmed Shah Sadat: Deputy director and program director of Radio Spogmai. He also produces news and talk shows.
  • Zarmina Yousfi: She is in charge of the women’s section and organizes various educational and entertainment programmes.
  • Abdul Qadir Qadiri: Head of music department and organizer of many music programs.
  • Syed Rahmatullah Hashimi: Head of the administration department and coordinator of entertainment programs.

Radio Spogmai is a Dari and Pashto radio station in Afghanistan. It is among the most popular radio stations in the world, with a variety of programs and genres. Radio Spogmai has a history of more than 10 years, a team of expert and experienced broadcasters and several features that make it unique and attractive to listeners. Radio Spogmai is a radio station that aims to inform, entertain and educate the people of Afghanistan.

Website: www.spogmairadio.com

Facebook: RadionNews

Twitter: @spogmaifm

Language: Pasto

Cell: +93 20 250 2100

Address: G46C+3PQ, Kabul, Afghanistan

Spogmai Radio