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Finest FM

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Catching the Groove with Finest FM, Finland’s Estonian Vibe

Finest FM is one of the most popular 24 hour radio stations in Finland. Looking for a radio station with a fresh twist? Look no further than Finest FM, Finland’s one and only Estonian radio station!

How it Started:

Finest FM is Finland’s only Estonian-language radio channel, which was founded by Finnish-Estonian radio host Argo Lepik to support the growing community of his compatriots.

One of the motivations for the foundation was also the fact that even a smaller minority than Estonians in Finland, long had their own radio medium.


The radio’s musical content is focused on international dance music and Estonian pop and dance music of the 80s and 90s, as well as more recent Estonian hits.

It curates an exciting blend of pop hits, classic rock songs, and those catchy tunes you can’t help but hum along to.

Wake up with its lively morning show and friendly hosts. Enjoy music, laughter, fun segments, and a dose of positivity.

More than Music:

In addition, the radio broadcasts and discusses news from Finland and Estonia. Also, broadcasts an Estonian-language talk show about the life of Estonians in Finland in general. This is why most of its advertisers are Finnish, Finno-Estonian and Estonian companies.

Tune in to hear about Helsinki’s coolest happenings and discover hidden gems.

Finest FM is more than just music. They are a bridge between Estonian and Finnish cultures.


Finest FM