YLE Radio Suomi

YLE Radio Suomi

YLE Radio Suomi is one of Finland’s most prominent radio stations, offering a mix of news, talk shows, and cultural programming to its audience. It serves as a vital source of information, discussion, and cultural enrichment for the Finnish public, striving to uphold the principles of public service broadcasting while meeting the evolving needs of its audience.

Its official website – yle.fi

YLE Radio Suomi Programs

This radio station provides regular news updates throughout the day, keeping listeners informed about both national and international events. These bulletins typically cover politics, economics, culture, and other relevant topics. The station features a variety of talk shows covering a wide range of subjects. These shows often invite experts, commentators, and public figures to discuss current affairs, societal issues, and cultural trends. Topics might include politics, health, education, entertainment, and more.

It conducts interviews with newsmakers, politicians, authors, artists, and other notable figures. Listeners can expect insightful discussions and personal insights from these interviews. It also airs special features and documentaries on occasion, exploring topics in-depth or highlighting specific events or issues of interest to the audience. Alongside news and talk content, it provides listeners with regular updates on weather conditions and traffic reports to help them plan their day.

YLE Radio Suomi Aim

It primarily aims to provide its audience with comprehensive news coverage and engaging talk shows. It serves as a vital source of information and entertainment for Finnish listeners, offering a platform for discussion, debate, and reflection on current events and societal issues.


Country: Finland

Genre: news

Language: Suomen kieli

YLE Radio Suomi