Listen to Radio Sandels Online, the most popular radio for Adults and seniors in Finland!


It’s a Finnish radio station that has been entertaining listeners for years. The radio was founded in 1997 and has been broadcasting ever since. Radio Sandels is the Local Radio of 2022! It was also awarded on 31.3.2023 at RadioGaala.

It’s A Truly Local Radio!

It has become a beloved part of Finnish radio culture among the senior radio listeners across the country.

Tune it Now:

Listenres from across Finland and around the world can tune the radio online.  Finnish residents can also hear RadioSandels on several frequencies:

107.5 MHz in Sotkamo (Kainuu)
104.6 MHz in Kuopio (North Savo)
106.3 MHz in Iisalmi (North Savo)
90.0 MHz in Varkaus (North Savo)
98.5 MHz in Nilsiä (North Savo)

More than just music:

Radio Sandels offers more than just tunes. They have shows about local news, events, and maybe even interviews with interesting people in your area! You can listen to Radio Sandels online wherever you are.

Plays a mix of adult contemporary music spanning several decades. You’ll hear tunes from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and today. It’s a friendly place where people can hear music, news, and fun conversations.

Many folks in Finland enjoy listening to RadioSandels to stay connected with what’s going on.

Who Tunes it:

Radio Sandels is most actively listened to by the adult population and seniors. Due to Sandels’ versatile repertoire and proximity, even the younger crowd will find the “Santu” frequency, especially on weekends. This is a radio for the whole family.

Tune in to Radio Sandels for a smile and some local fun!



FaceBook: radiosandels

Language: Finnish

Contact Number: +358 17 812212

Address: Kauppakatu 13, Iisalmi, Finland

Radio Sandels