Listen to Radio Pooki Online from Finland.

Finland’s Local Beat!

Looking for a radio with a very diverse and popular radio shows? Radio Pooki is the most popular radio station from Finland for programs on Finnish music, news, and local happenings.

Where Can You Listen?

Enjoy through the most popular way of listening to a radio nowadays, thorough online.  Listeners from across Finland can access and enjoy the class leading programs of RadioPooki 24/7. Also, tune in to 88.0 FM in Oulu, 100.5 FM in Nivala, or 94.8 FM in Raahe.

What are the Programs?

Most of the time Radio Pooki airs domestic programs and programs are based on their own suppliers provided by regional and local events, news and cultural narrative.

It connects you to the heart of the region. It’s like having a musical chat with your friendly neighbor. Will keep your spirits high. This is the one-stop shop for Finnish songs. They play both Iskelmä, which is a kind of Finnish pop music, and dance music.

Also, the radio keeps you up-to-date on what’s going on in Finland. They focus on news and community programs from the Oulu and Raahe areas, so you’ll hear about things happening right around you.

Local Flavor:

Their programs feature local events, news, and cultural happenings. It’s like having a chat with your neighbor over a cup of coffee.

People love Radio Pooki because it feels like home. No matter when you tune, it keeps you company with its friendly voices and familiar tunes.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and informative way to connect with local radio contents, turn up the dial on Radio Pooki!


Radio Pooki