Generation 80

Generation 80

Generation 80 is a French radio station dedicated to playing music from the 1980s, catering to fans of classic hits from that era. It specializes in oldies, featuring a wide array of genres that were popular during the 1980s, including pop, rock, new wave, synth-pop, and more. The station offers a nostalgic trip back in time, allowing listeners to relive the sounds that defined the decade.

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Generation 80 Programs

The station plays a diverse selection of 80s music, ensuring that listeners can enjoy both well-known hits and lesser-known tracks from the decade. It aims to create a nostalgic experience for its audience, evoking memories of the 1980s through its music and programming. The station connects listeners to the cultural and musical heritage of the 1980s, highlighting the influential artists and songs that shaped the music scene of that time.

This radio station provides easy access to its broadcasts through online streaming, making it convenient for listeners to tune in from anywhere. The station also features special programming such as themed shows, countdowns, and retrospectives that delve deeper into specific aspects of 80s music and culture.

Generation 80 Aim

By focusing on the vibrant and dynamic sounds of the 1980s,  the station serves as a beloved platform for oldies enthusiasts in France, offering a musical journey through one of the most iconic decades in modern music history.


Country: France

Genre: 90s, 80s

language: French

Generation 80