Hereti FM

Hereti FM

Hereti FM is a privately owned Georgian radio station that broadcasts online. It is being broadcast in Georgian. This station focuses on pop, news, and folk music. The creation of the brand “Hereti” is associated with diversity, democracy, and national integrity. The name itself helps the radio achieve this goal, reminding us of one of Georgia’s old corners, Hereti. It is streaming in the Georgian language.

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Hereti FM – Programs

Listeners can access a variety of programs in genres such as pop, news, and folk. Pop music is characterized by catchy melodies, memorable hooks, and broad appeal. This radio station also broadcasts rock, R&B, electronic, and hip-hop.

Classic Georgian folk music and culture are also broadcast here. Folk music is a traditional genre of music that has been passed down through generations and often reflects the cultural heritage and identity of a specific region or community. This station features a diverse range of musical styles and traditions, including ballads, work songs, spirituals, and protest songs.

This radio station covers a wide range of current events, news analysis, and feature stories. It also covers both national and international news.

Hereti FM – Aim

The logo design of this radio station is orange. It represents newness, freedom, self-assurance, rigidity, vital forces, the sun and warmth, intelligence, and development. Hereti now operates in the Kakheti region, as well as the capital and Adjara. The media holding “Hereti” is a Georgian independent media group that was founded on August 29, 1998. It aims to create a recognizable and distinct sonic identity for a news program, assisting in the establishment of its brand and capturing the attention of viewers or listeners.


Country: Georgia

Genre: pop, news, folk

Hereti FM

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