Radio Tavisupleba

Radio Tavisupleba

Radio Tavisupleba is a privately owned radio station. It translates to “Radio Liberty” in Georgian, a popular radio station in the country. It is part of the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) network, an international broadcasting organization funded by the US government. This station primarily broadcasts news, information, and cultural programming in Georgian.

Radio Tavisupleba has been broadcasting since 1953 and has played an important role in providing independent news and information to the people of Georgia, particularly during times of political change and conflict. It was an important source of unbiased and reliable news, particularly during the Soviet era when the country was under strict state control.

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Radio Tavisupleba – Programs

Radio Tavisupleba broadcasts news updates on a regular basis, covering both national and international events. This radio station broadcasts a variety of music programs that include Georgian music, international hits, classical music, jazz, and other genres. These programs frequently feature discussions and interviews with musicians and music experts.

Radio Tavisupleba’s programming includes a significant amount of Georgian culture. This station airs programs about literature, poetry, traditional music, folk traditions, and other aspects of Georgian culture. Radio Tavisupleba also broadcasts talk shows on a variety of topics such as politics, social issues, culture, and sports.

Radio Tavisupleba – Aim

Politics, current events, social issues, culture, and entertainment are among the topics covered by this radio station. It broadcasts news, talk shows, interviews with experts and public figures, and music shows. The content is intended to provide a balanced view of events while also promoting free speech and democratic values.

This radio station’s mission is to promote democratic values and human rights by reporting and disseminating news in countries where the free press is either prohibited by the government or is not fully established.  Overall, this radio station has been a significant voice in the Georgian media landscape, serving as a platform for independent journalism and contributing to the country’s democratic development.


Country: Georgia

Genre: news, talk

Language: Georgian

Radio Tavisupleba

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