Radio Fortuna is a news, music, and adult contemporary radio station. It is an online radio station broadcasting from Georgia. For years, this radio station’s news programs have maintained a high level of dependability in the news space and among listeners. Every day, their team brings you the most recent, operational, and exclusive information, including information straight from the scene.

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Radio Fortuna – Programs

This radio station broadcasts national and international news, as well as electronic, pop, top40, and adult contemporary programming.  This radio station’s adult contemporary programming is very popular. These programs feature a variety of popular music from various genres, with a focus on current hits and soft rock.  Programs frequently feature a mix of current chart-toppers, classic hits, and artist interviews or features.

Another popular area on this radio station is top 40 radio programs. They broadcast here the current most popular songs, typically based on their positions on the Billboard Hot 100 chart or similar music charts. These shows frequently feature a variety of music genres, such as pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, and dance. Pop radio shows are also popular on this station. The programs feature a mix of current hit songs and popular songs from the past.

Radio Fortuna – Aim

The aim of this radio station is to provide Georgian news and culture. Because of the hard work of this radio station’s presenters, correspondents, and producers, you can be among the first to hear what is going on in Georgia and around the world twice an hour. Here you can find out what the Georgian press is writing about and what is going on around you that is unusual but interesting.

Tune in Radio Fortuna on FM 106.9 and get entertained 24/7!

Country: Georgia

Genre: electronic, pop, top40, adult contemporary

Language: Georgian and English

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