Pirveli Radio

Pirveli Radio

Pirveli Radio is a popular Georgian radio station. It is well-known for its diverse programming, which includes music, news, talk shows, and cultural programming. The station broadcasts in Georgia and is widely heard by the local population. Listeners from all over the world can tune in to this station, which broadcasts in Georgian.

Pirveli Radio is a private company that has been owned by Vasil Kobaidze since December 30, 2011.

Its official website is – pirveliradio.ge

Pirveli Radio – Programs

It provides a variety of content, such as news updates, talk shows, interviews, and music from various genres. The station’s goal is to appeal to a diverse audience by providing entertaining and informative content. Music Request is a popular feature on this radio station. It is a program in which listeners can call or text in song requests, dedications, and shoutouts. The host plays the requested songs and interacts with the listeners, making the experience personalized and engaging.

Pirveli Radio broadcasts a variety of informative programs centered on news and current events. It typically includes discussions, debates, and interviews with experts, journalists, and newsmakers on a wide range of topics including politics, the economy, social issues, and more.

This radio station focuses on playing the most recent and popular pop music hits. Interviews with pop artists and discussions about current pop music trends can be found here.

There are also various types of cultural and folk music shows available here. Folk music from Georgia’s various regions and cultures is featured in this program. Traditional folk songs, storytelling, and interviews with folk musicians and enthusiasts are all part of the programming.

Pirveli Radio – Aim

Pirveli Radio aims to provide its listeners with informative and entertaining content on a variety of topics and genres. You can get the most up-to-date information about Pirveli Radio’s programming schedule by visiting its official website or tuning in to its radio frequency 106.4 FM.


Country: Georgia

Genre: pop, news, talk, folk

Pirveli Radio

Contact Details

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pirveliradio1064
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/pirveliradio?lang=en