La Radio Redonda

La Radio Redonda

Listen to La Radio Redonda, a radio for news, sports and music!

La Radio Redonda is a radio station from El Salvador that broadcasts in Spanish. It is part of the La Radio Redonda FM network. The network runs stations in Ecuador, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic.


The goal was to create a radio to inform, entertain, and inspire the people of El Salvador and beyond. Its vision is to be “the voice of the people”.


It has a team of talented presenters who work hard to deliver engaging and relevant programs for their audience. Their dynamic presentation, expert analysis, and infectious enthusiasm make every broadcast a thrilling experience for listeners.


La Radio Redonda offers a variety of programs, such as news, sports, music, entertainment, and talk shows. News and proper information is at the center of its broadcasting. It’s a great source of news for the radio listeners of El-0Salvador. Keeps listeners updated with the latest national and international news. Airs news on national and international affairs, politics, social, entertainment and many other topics.

It is also famous for its sports program that covers the latest news and updates on football (soccer), basketball, baseball, and other sports in Ecuador. It also features live commentary and analysis from experts and fans.

Furthermore, it’s also a great source for the music fans across El-Salvador. Listeners can enjoy music on popular music genres like salsa, merengue, cumbia etc.


La Radio Redonda has a strong impact on its listeners, who appreciate its professionalism, creativity, and social responsibility. The station has won several awards for its excellence in broadcasting.

This is one of the most successful radio stations in El Salvador and Latin America. It has proven itself to be a reliable source of information, entertainment, and inspiration for millions of people who tune in every day.



FaceBook: LaRadioRedondaEc

Twitter: @LaRadioRedonda

Instagram: laradioredonda

Language: Spanish

Address: Av. Shyris y Suecia, Quito, Ecuador

Frequency: 96.9 FM Quito, 94.1FM Santo Domingo, 99.3 FM Guayaquil

La Radio Redonda