Radio Caravana

Radio Caravana

Listen Radio Caravana Online, The Magic of Sports in One Place!

Radio Caravana closely following all Ecuadorian sports. It has been with you for 37 years, being the leading radio station in tune for all things sports.

If you are a fan of sports based radio programs, then you will definitely love to listen to Radio Caravana. This is one of the most influential, respected and highly applauded radio stations in Ecuador for sports.


It has been broadcasting since 1982, covering the most important sports events in the country and the world. It covers the Ecuadorian soccer league, the Copa Libertadores, the Champions League, the World Cup, and more.


Your ultimate companion of round the clock radio programs on all kinds of sports. It features the latest sports news, interviews, reports, and live coverage of the most relevant matches and events. The radio is also a space for fans to express their views and emotions about their favorite teams and players. It’s the most prominent online radio for sports fans that connects them with national and global sporting events.

The radio also has specialized radio programs on motorsports of all kinds.

News Caravan is one of its most listened programs by listeners of all age group. The most complete summary of news from Ecuador and the world, with a different touch.

The Commentators is its flagship program. It’s the best sports analysis from the best sports journalists.

La Magia del Boxeo, a program that covers the history and the present of boxing, one of the most popular and traditional sports in Ecuador.


Radio Caravana’s vision is to be the leading radio station for news and sports and sporting journalism. Providing quality, credibility, and professionalism to its audience. Its presenters are not only experts in their fields, but also passionate and enthusiastic about sports. They express their emotions and values to the listeners.

Radio Caravana is more than a radio station. It is a community, a family, and a way of life for the sports lovers. It is the magic of sports in one place.


Radio Caravana