La Voz Del Tomebamba

La Voz del Tomebamba

Listen to La Voz del Tomebamba Online, A Voice of Cuenca!

La Voz del Tomebamba is a radio station that broadcasts from Cuenca, Ecuador, and covers news, culture, science, sports and more. It is one of the most popular and influential media outlets in the city and the country.


La Voz del Tomebamba was founded by a group of journalists and activists. It aims to provide an alternative voice to the dominant media. The name of the station comes from the Tomebamba River. It flows through Cuenca and is a symbol of its identity and history. The station’s slogan is “La voz de Cuenca y el mundo”, which means “The voice of Cuenca and the world”.

It has been a constant presence in the city’s life for over eight decades, providing news, entertainment, and a platform for local voices.


La Voz del Tomebamba offers a diverse range of programs, catering to listeners of all ages and interests. From news and current affairs to music, talk shows, and cultural programs, the station ensures that there is something for everyone. News bulletins keep listeners informed about local and national events and affairs. While music programs play everything from traditional Ecuadorian tunes to international hits. The station also promotes cultural diversity of Ecuador. The radio is also famous for its talk shows on current affairs, music, entertainment and more.

The radio has a diverse and talented team of presenters, reporters, editors and producers. They work hard to deliver quality information and entertainment to their listeners. It has won several awards for its quality radio broadcasting and class leading programs.

It has played a crucial role in informing, entertaining, and uniting the community. The station has been a platform for local artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs.


Language: Spanish

La Voz del Tomebamba