Radio Ambato

Radio Ambato

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Radio Ambato is more than just a radio station. It is a cultural and historical icon of the city of Ambato and the center of Ecuador. For over 50 years, Radio Ambato has been informing, entertaining, and inspiring its listeners with a variety of programs, from news and sports to music and culture.


Radio Ambato was born in February 1970, when Mr. Mario Barona rented radio “El Heraldo” to Dr. Luis Torres. After two years, Mr. Barona acquired the frequency, changing it to 930 khz and renaming it Radio Ambato.

The station started with an informative and sports space of 30 minutes each from Monday to Friday, the rest of the programming was musical. As time went by, Radio Ambato became the most listened to radio station in the center of the country for more than 4 decades.


Radio Ambato has a loyal and diverse audience, both in Ambato and beyond.  Its audiences are mainly composed of people who are interested in local and national news, sports, culture, and music.


It airs programs on a variety of genres and styles. From traditional to modern, from folk to pop. Radio Ambato also promotes social and environmental causes, such as family values, health, education, and conservation. It has a rich and varied programming, covering different topics and formats.

News programs cover the main events and issues of the day, both locally and nationally, with interviews, reports, and analysis.

It celebrates the rural and agricultural life of Ambato and its surroundings, with music, stories, tips, and information. Also, showcases the cultural and artistic diversity of Ambato and Ecuador, with music, poetry, literature, history, and folklore. It also airs programs on health and wellness advice and information, with the participation of medical experts and specialists.

It was a pioneer in international broadcasts in the Copa Libertadores, accompanying Técnico Universitario in 1978 in Lima with the International Sports Combo label, which, It currently has coverage of 10 soccer World Cups and more than 100 international broadcasts. The El Espectador news program is another iconic radio program that has been broadcast for more than 50 years with objectivity and impartiality, for that and much more we proudly carry the name of the city.


Radio Ambato
Radio Ambato
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