Listen to Lotus Radio: A Voice of Peace and Development in Cambodia!

Lotus Radio, an online radio station in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, was founded by ethical entrepreneurs to provide reliable and useful information to society and the nation. It’s available at 100.5 MHz FM.


Lotus Radio was launched in 1993 by the Cambodian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). The station was initially only available in Phnom Penh, but it quickly expanded its reach to the rest of the country. The radio is now available in all 25 provinces of Cambodia. It has steadily grown to become a prominent voice in the radio industry, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity.

Mission of Lotus Radio:

Lotus Radio’s vision is to be “the leading provider of quality radio content and services for the Cambodian people.” Its mission is to provide accurate and beneficial information to the listeners, to help them improve their daily lives and careers, and to foster a sense of social responsibility and harmony.


Lotus Radio provide accurate and clear information with education to people for the benefit of daily life and business for a better life. The radio broadcasts on major fields such as education, health, agriculture, environment, Buddhism, culture, technology, science, economics and finance.

Lotus Radio’s program schedule includes a wide range of programs, including:

  • Music: It plays a variety of Khmer music. Its musical programs include traditional Khmer music, popular Cambodian music, and international music.
  • News and Current Affairs: It airs comprehensive coverage of news and current affairs relevant to the Cambodian people.
  • Interviews: The radio interviews a variety of guests, including politicians, celebrities, and experts from various fields.
  • Entertainment: One of its most popular programs among listeners is its entertainment shows, including comedy shows, quiz shows, and dramas.

Lotus Radio is a vital voice for peace and development in Cambodia, serving as a platform for dialogue, learning, and inspiration, aiming to serve the Cambodian people with integrity and excellence.



Twitter: @LotusRadioFM

Language: Khmer

Contact Number: (+855) 12 658 999

Frequency: 100.5 FM

Lotus Radio
Lotus Radio
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