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RNK FM or Radio National Kampuchea is a state-owned radio station in Cambodia.


The National Radio of Cambodia (RNK) was established in 1947 as a state-owned radio station. It has evolved over time. Perfectly reflects the different social regimes that have governed Cambodia. In particular, RNK played an important role in opposing the genocidal regime of Pol Pot during the Khmer Rouge era. Radio National Kampuchea is a public interest institution and radio broadcaster. It produces balanced, accurate, and up-to-date programs to inform and facilitate discussions between the government, the people, civil society, and the private sector. RNK cooperates with both government institutions and international organizations to produce programs that serve listeners throughout Cambodia. It has also expanded its coverage to include AM radio, FM radio, and online streaming.


RNK FM / Radio National Kampuchea, a leading radio station that broadcasts news and talk shows on various topics.

  • News and Reporting: The main and primary focus of Radio National Kampuchea is to air national and international news, using modern technology and techniques. It covers a wide range of topics including politics, construction, cooperation, economy, tourism, aid etc.
  • Social, cultural, art, and education programs: The radio also airs different types of radio programs to serve the people of Cambodia. Such as speeches, awareness, youth and children’s education, agriculture, health, non-formal education, culture, poetry, drama, entertainment, music, Buddhism, art and talent, commentary, editorial, traffic safety, weather forecast, flood forecast, and ASEAN awareness.
  • Talk-Back Program: RNK FM invites expert speakers from various institutions to answer and explain questions from the listeners on different topics. The program aired five days a week and covered a wide range of topics including health, education, women in development and gender, and agricultural production.

RNK FM and Radio National Kampuchea arranges its programs and write-ups with utmost professionalism and diversity. It produced 7062 national and international news articles in 2020. It also produced 2,821 national and international news articles in English and French for 2020.


RNK FM has a significant impact on Cambodian society. It’s a trusted source of news and information in the country. The station’s talk shows helps Cambodians to discuss important issues and share their views. It promotes civic engagement and creates a more informed and engaged community.

RNK FM is also an important cultural treasure. The Khmer culture and language programming on the station seek to promote and preserve Cambodia’s rich cultural legacy.

This is a crucial Cambodian institution, promoting civic engagement, social change, and cultural resource, with a strong future position as a leading radio station.


YouTube: rnkam918

Language: Khmer

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