Radio Samleng Khemara

Radio Samleng Khemara

Listen to Radio Samleng Khemara, A Voice for Cambodian Culture and Entertainment!

Radio Samleng Khemara (RSK) is a popular Khmer (Cambodian) radio station. The radio broadcasts a variety of programs, including news, entertainment, art, culture, and Khmer music. Besides, RSK is famous for its commitment to promote Cambodian culture and heritage. In addition, listeners of all ages across Cambodia and around the world loves its programs.


It was founded by Som Lon, a former journalist and radio producer. He wanted to create a platform for Khmer people to express their opinions and share their stories. The radio aims to promote democracy, human rights, and social justice across Cambodia and beyond. Initially, it began broadcasting from a small studio and later on quickly gained a significant number of listeners. They were drawn to its eclectic mix of programs and its focus on Cambodian Khmer music. Today, it’s one of the most prominent radio from Cambodia and its network of transmitters reaches all corners of the country.


RSK’s goal is to be the leading provider of high-quality radio broadcasting that promotes Cambodian culture and entertainment. It aims to inform, entertain, and educate listeners through a variety of programs reflecting the diversity and vibrancy of Cambodian society.


The radio station offers various programs covering their listener’s interest and Khmer music culture. Popular ones include Kemara Today, a daily news program covering local, national, and international issues. Kemara Talk, its a talk show discussing politics, education, health, and culture. Also, Kemara Music, which is a mix of Khmer oldies and current hits. Kemara Story, a storytelling program featuring folktales, legends, and myths from Cambodia and other cultures. For its musical programs, the radio mostly focuses on Khmer music. If your query is what is the best radio for Khmer music? The answer would be Radio Samleng Khemara is the best radio station for Khmer music.


Radio Samleng Khemara is a radio station with a talented team of presenters. Notable presenters include Som Lon, the founder and director, who hosts Khemara Today and Khemara Talk.  Srey Pov, co-host and editor-in-chief. Furthermore, Som Lon has over 20 years of experience in journalism and radio production, known for his critical commentary on current affairs. Also, Srey Pov has a background in law and human rights. She is popular for her eloquence and empathy.

Radio Samleng Khemara is a popular and influential internet radio station in Cambodia that provides news, entertainment, art, culture, and music. It has a large and loyal online audience and social media presence. It has also been awarded for its excellence in media and human rights. This has been the go to radio for Khmer music is Cambodia.


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Radio Samleng Khemara
Radio Samleng Khemara
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