Radio Rasmey Hang Meas

Radio Rasmey Hang Meas

Listen to Radio Rasmey Hang Meas: A Cambodian Media Powerhouse!

Radio Rasmey Hang Meas (RHM) is one of the most popular and influential radio stations in Cambodia. It is owned by the Hang Meas Group, a media conglomerate that also includes Hang Meas TV, Hang Meas Film, and Hang Meas Record. RHM was founded in 1995 and began broadcasting on FM 95.7 MHz in Phnom Penh. It has since expanded to include a network of over 20 affiliate stations across Cambodia.


RHM is a well-known Cambodian radio station with a wide range of programming that includes music, news, discussion programs, and entertainment. Its music playlist mixes Khmer and worldwide songs with indigenous Cambodian music. RHM’s balanced and extensive news coverage includes local, national, and worldwide news, as well as business and sports news. Its chat shows span in topic from current affairs to social concerns. RHM also creates popular entertainment programming like comedy shows, game shows, and live music performances. It was one of the first radio stations in Cambodia to broadcast in high definition and pioneered the use of social media to engage with its audience, and it has played an important role in influencing the Cambodian media landscape.

Radio Rasmey Hang Meas is a prominent Cambodian radio station, offering a diverse range of programs that showcase the nation’s cultural heritage and modern entertainment trends, continuously evolving to meet the changing needs and expectations of its audience.


The presenters at Radio Rasmey Hang Meas are a blend of experienced and youthful talents. They contribute to the station’s success by ensuring the quality and relevance of their programs. Their ability to connect with the audience on a personal level has been a key factor in the station’s popularity.



Language: Khmer

Contact Number: +023 452 3333

Frequency: 95.7 FM

Radio Rasmey Hang Meas
Radio Rasmey Hang Meas
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