Listen to NRG 89 FM, Cambodia’s best music radio!

NRG 89 FM is a popular music radio station in Cambodia that has been entertaining its listeners with a tailored mix of international, Asiatic, and Khmer pop since its inception. The radio station’s philosophy is “More Music, less talk”.


NRG 89 FM was established with the vision of becoming the number one music radio station in Cambodia. It has been broadcasting and entertaining its listeners since 2013. With over 2 million listeners, NRG is popular for its upbeat music, engaging presenters, and interactive programs.


NRG 89 FM broadcasts various programs to promote good music and engage listeners with the radio. Some of the programs include tour concerts, star contests, public entertainment game shows, and more. Its programs appeal to a wide range of listeners, from the young and trendy to the older and more traditional. The radio airs entertaining morning show that wakes up listeners with the latest news, music, and celebrity gossip. Its music programs have no useless repetition and no out of format song. Its tailored mix of international, Asiatic and Khmer pop is cooked by their music specialists.

Vision and Mission:

NRG’s vision is to be the leading radio station in Cambodia, providing listeners with the best possible entertainment and information. The station’s mission is to promote Cambodian culture and music, and to connect listeners with each other.


NRG’s presenters are some of the most popular and well-known media personalities in Cambodia. They are popular for their charisma, sense of humor, and ability to connect with listeners.

The station is a vital part of the Cambodian media landscape and plays an important role in promoting Cambodian culture and music.



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Language: English

Contact Number: +855 23 969 767