Maestro FM

Maestro FM

Maestro FM in Moldova is well-known for its excellent chill-out programs, which provide listeners with a pleasant and soothing musical experience. Listeners from all over the world can tune in to this station, which broadcasts in Romanian. Users can listen to many types of programming in genres such as chill-out. Through its carefully crafted chill-out programs, the station seeks to be a haven of serenity and tranquility for its listeners.

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Maestro FM Maestro FM Programs

The chill-out programmings on this radio station are a musical voyage through numerous genres, including ambient, electronic, downtempo, and chillwave. The station meticulously curates its playlist to ensure a smooth and harmonic flow of music. It is dedicated to offering a relaxing haven for its listeners. It features skilled DJs and hosts who are enthusiastic about chill-out music.

This radio station features a mix of local Moldovan talent and foreign performers who specialize in calming and relaxing music. This mix allows listeners to discover both old and fresh chill-out music. Special shows dedicated to sunset sessions, beach moods, or even seasonal themes like winter or summer chill-out mixes can be found here.

Maestro FM Maestro FM Aim

The goal of this radio station’s chill-out programs is to provide a unique and immersive listening experience. This radio station achieves a mix between playing timeless oldies that have come to be associated with relaxing and introducing the latest chill-out releases. Through social media, requests, and shout-outs, it fosters listener participation. This fosters a sense of community among listeners who enjoy chill-out music.


Country: Moldova

Genre: chill-out

Language: Romanian

Address: Ghioceilor 1, Chisinau, Moldova

Contact: +373 22 223 205

Maestro FM
Maestro FM
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