Radio Plai

Radio Plai

Radio Plai from Moldova is a renowned radio station recognized for its bright and entertaining pop and hit music programming. This station, with its finger on the pulse of the latest musical trends, delivers a diverse selection of songs that appeal to a wide audience. It is only available in Russian. This station has an international flavor, playing music not just by Moldovan and regional singers, but also by artists from around the world. This variety ensures that listeners get a global musical experience.

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Radio Plai Programs

This radio station’s playlist is varied, encompassing a wide range of pop and hit songs. Tune in to hear the latest chart-toppers, timeless classics, and upcoming artist hits. It frequently hosts live performances and features captivating DJs who give the music a human touch. They give intriguing insights into the songs, share artist interviews, and interact with the audience via shout-outs and song requests.

This radio station keeps its listeners up to date on the newest news in the music industry. It also has specialist shows that concentrate on certain genres or themes in pop and popular music. These can be an excellent approach to delve into specialized interests within the larger pop music environment.

Radio Plai Aim

Its major purpose is to entertain and connect with its audience with carefully picked music, entertaining performances, and engaging content. It is a vibrant radio station that serves as a nexus for fans of pop and popular music. It keeps listeners engaged and informed about the newest trends in the music industry, both locally and worldwide, thanks to its diverse playlist, engaging hosts, and participatory attitude.


Country: Moldova

Genre: pop, hits

Language: Russian

Address: Str Ion Inculeț 105/4


Radio Plai

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