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Pro FM

Pro FM is a famous radio station in Moldova that caters to music fans with different tastes, with a focus on dance and pop genres.  It is now streaming in Russian. Users can listen to many types of programming in genres such as dance and pop. It is committed to staying current on music trends, guaranteeing that fans can tune in to hear the most popular and trending songs in the dance and pop genres.

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Pro FM Programs

This radio station is well-known for its large roster of intense and throbbing dance music. Listeners may groove to the freshest and greatest electronic and dance tunes, as well as timeless oldies that have defined the dance music landscape.

In addition to dance music, it provides a healthy dosage of popular music from many sub-genres within pop. From catchy chart-toppers to the newest releases from international and local pop musicians, this radio station keeps its listeners up to date on the latest in the world of popular music.

This radio station’s mission is to engage with its audience, not only transmit music. You may expect to hear tunes from talented Moldovan performers. These programs assist to promote and appreciate the country’s music culture.

Pro FM Aim

This radio station’s goal is to entertain and engage its listeners through carefully crafted playlists, engaging radio hosts, and a dedication to providing high-quality music content. It is a vibrant radio station that provides a lively mix of dance and pop music. This station has something for every music enthusiast in Moldova and beyond. Here you can enjoy dancing the night away or listening to the latest pop sensations.


Country: Moldova

Genre: dance, pop

Language: Russian

Address: Bulevardul Libertății 14, București, sector 5

Pro FM

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