Radio ZUM

Radio ZUM

Radio ZUM is a lively and active radio station in Moldova. It appeals to a wide range of people who enjoy R&B, pop, rap, and hip-hop music. The station is well-known for being on the cutting edge of music trends. This radio station has carved out a distinct position in Moldova’s music landscape as one of the leading radio stations, regularly presenting a rich auditory experience that connects with fans of contemporary urban music genres.

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Radio ZUM Programs

This radio station excels at providing a diverse range of music genres, with a particular emphasis on R&B, pop, rap, and hip-hop. This variety means that listeners may tune in and discover new and developing artists within various genres as well as their favorite hits. It routinely features chart-topping tunes, keeping listeners up to date on the greatest tracks from both established and emerging artists.

The station does more than just play music; it interacts with its audience through interactive shows and features. Listeners can request music, enter contests, and even offer their views and dedications, establishing a sense of community among the station’s fan base. It is also proud to showcase native Moldovan talent in these genres. This support for local artists adds a unique touch to the station’s programming.

Radio ZUM Aim

This radio station is a force in the worlds of R&B, pop, rap, and hip-hop music. Its dedication to offering broad, entertaining, and up-to-date content guarantees that it remains a popular choice for music fans looking for the latest songs as well as a sense of community in the urban music scene. By hosting and promoting concerts, club nights, and events involving musicians from the genres it champions, the station actively promotes live music experiences. This contributes to a more immersive musical journey for its devoted fans.


Country: Moldova

Genre: RnB, pop, rap, hip-hop

Language: Romanian

Address: Gheorghe Tudor 2B, Chisinau, Moldova

Contact: +373 689 93 933

Radio ZUM

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