Mi Paisito Radio

Mi Paisito Radio
El Salvador

Listen to Mi Paisito Radio Online, enjoy the tasty rhythm of El Salvador with us!

If you are looking for a radio station that plays the best cumbia, merengue and salsa music from El Salvador, just tune in to Mi Paisito Radio. It’s a prominent online radio from El-Salvador that is entertaining listeners with its class leading programs 24/7. This is a radio meant to connect you with the music culture and landscape of El-Salvador.


Since its inception, Mi Paisito has become a vital part of the Salvadoran soundscape, connecting listeners with their roots. It’s the radio that is connecting listeners with the country’s rich musical heritage. First the radio started as a small project with a few listeners, but soon it grew into a successful radio station with thousands of fans. Initially, the radio only aired Cumbia music and later on included other genres such as salsa, merengue, and tropical.


Mi Paisito Radio has a variety of programs that cater to different tastes and preferences of its listeners. The main focus of the radio is to broadcast all kinds of cumbia music from various eras. It plays the best cumbia hits from classical as well as today’s modern era. You can enjoy the most delicious cumbia music from El Salvador and other countries. Also, relive the memories of your youth and dance to the rhythm of the legends of cumbia. It also airs musical programs on salsa and merengue to spice up your day with the best salsa and merengue music from the Caribbean and Latin America.

Enjoy the festive and cheerful atmosphere of these genres that always brings joy.

Mi Paisito Radio’s vision is to be the leading online radio station for cumbia music in El Salvador and the world. They want to promote the culture and identity of El Salvador through their music and programs.

Website: zeno.fm/mipaisito

FaceBook: mipaisitoradio

Twitter: @_mipaisito

Language: Spanish

Contact Number: +77592583

Mi Paisito Radio