Listen to Scan 96.1 Online, The Radio Station for the Youth!

Scan 96.1 is a radio station in El Salvador that offers a wide variety of music and entertainment. The station focuses on providing its listeners with a mix of popular musical genres, such as urban, electronic, trap, freestyle, rock, and hip hop. As well as programs of general interest and local news. With a focus on quality music and diversity, Scan 96.1 has become a popular choice for music lovers in El Salvador.


Scan 96.1 was founded in 1998 as part of Radio Corporación FM, a media company that owns several radio stations in El Salvador. It was created to cater to the young and urban audience, who wanted a radio station that reflected their tastes and preferences. This was the first radio station in El Salvador to introduce the salsa and Latin music genre. Which soon became a hit among the listeners. Since then, Scan96.1 has expanded its musical coverage to include other genres that appeal to the youth. Such as electronic, trap, freestyle, rock, and hip hop. This unique blend resonated with a young generation, tired of the same old radio fare.

Vision and Mission:

The vision of Scan 96.1 is to be the leading radio station in El Salvador, offering the best music and entertainment to its audience. The mission of the radio is to provide quality programming that satisfies the needs and expectations of its listeners, while promoting the values of respect, tolerance, and solidarity. More than just a frequency, it’s a cultural phenomenon, a platform where Salvadoran voices and rhythms blend into an irresistible sonic mix. Scan 96.1 also aims to support the local talent and culture, by featuring artists and events from El Salvador and the region.


Scan 96.1 has a variety of programs that cover different topics and interests, such as music, sports, news, humor, and lifestyle. Entertains listeners with the best music, news, and fun. The radio also mixes the best of salsa and Latin rhythms, with the latest hits of urban, electronic, trap, freestyle, rock, and hip hop. It accompanies the listeners during the night, with the best music, stories, and tips.

This is more than a radio station, it is a lifestyle. This is the radio station for the youth, who want to enjoy the best music and entertainment, while staying informed and connected with the world.



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Twitter: @scan961

Language: Spanish

Address: 69 Ave. Nte. No. 213 Col. Escalón, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Frequency: 96.1 FM

Scan 96.1